Tuesday, 27 April 2010

MIA's new music video...

Is so completely shocking and just...omg. Basically the video portrays a world where gingers are being beaten and executed in quite a graphic manner. To be honest i find this plot for the music video a tad all silly and being ginger myself I'm not offended by the video but yeah it is quite terrifying to see a bunch redheads being beaten and then blown up by the police, of course most videos like this are usually terrifying and disturbing. Its also scary to think that things like this are not necessary happening to us here in Britain or in the states but somewhere in the world horrible things like this may be happening, i really hope not but the world is a huge place...anything can happen nowadays.
Nevertheless the song is actually pretty good despite the horrific and graphic video. Heres a link...


Be warned its really graphic!

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  1. Is this called 'gingist'? Or is it a satire on social cleansing the world over where various ethnic minorities are persecuted to the point of eradication?
    An entertaining read!