Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The learning and teaching gateway...a wee cheeky good use of tech :D

Our College's learning and teaching gateway is pretty okay...i say okay meaning that yeah its a great use of technology and its very useful but i don't really have a opinion on it one way or the other. Basically it includes tabs such as the "home" tab with the 5 college departments which you click on and gives you hot links and announcements for each one, as well as this a events list telling you when holidays are which is pretty good. There is a "classes" tab where this gives you the information on what you have to do for that class which trust me is very bloody useful! Last semester i did use it alot to see if i was on track and it helped me quite muchly. Other than that there is a "Help&Support" tab which is self explanitary however its perfectly layed out with specific topics.
Basically its overall a great tool for us students to use, its brilliant :D
P.s we were told to blog about this haha
Thanks x

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