Tuesday, 25 May 2010

"Here comes the summer..." once again!

You can put away your winter with its christmas, snow, darkness and bitter coldness and you can put away your Spring with its Easter, teasing weather and always breezy even when its a clear blue sky. Summer is in town the now and like many of us its the time when everybody loves each other and are in harmony...sounds abit gay but it is true, everybodys happier in the summer time and this is the only time in the year that everybody looks forward too.
In summer, everything is happening, we have music festivals go to (for a small fee...hah jk, like £200something) but despite the hefty prices it does seem to deliver a very unique and vibrant energy within these people who do fork out so i suppose the music festivals deliver what they pay for. It annoys me that im 17 and havent been to such a thing yet...mind you i would rather go at 18something instead of being a wee kid now and going, i doubt that wee little noobs wont stand even an hour in the likes of T in the Park or Reading.
Also we have the World Cup and the Olympics every like 4 years and the next Olympics being in London in two years time should bring great interest and bring us out of our beemends in those one so often "summer lazy days" and make the trip to London for the the Olympic atmosphere. As for the World Cup, yes it returns! Everybody loves the world cup surely...woman love it for the wags, we love it for the football it delivers and others just...well like it i suppose? Cant really hate the world cup can you? It brings all these nations as one, its beautiful. But Englands bid to host this competition in 2018 should be intruiging, even though they've had the head of it all making an epic blunder that Lord Triesman made. Anyway not the point, i hope england get elected just for the obvious reason of top class international football coming to british shores, so i could have plans for that summer.
My best memories of me enjoying the summer to its very best must of been 4 years ago when i went to Venice as part of my holidays for a week. Venice is such a nice place to go, like yeah its a tad smelly at parts like us humans but nethertheless the city is certianly amazing. When we were there David Gilmour was playing live at St Marks Square so yeah that was certainly a suprise but a good one of course.
Summer is just the time when people are at their most happiest naturally, when the nights are day'ish until like half 11, the weather is "mostly" compariable to spains and we get leathered to celebrate it...Let the summer role on karma, dinnie be a douche now.


  1. Surely there is more to Venice than being a tad smelly in places - it is after all said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

  2. Now i did say that Venice is a amazing city and a nice place to go...it is just a wee bit smelly at places, i still do consider it one of the most amazing places i have ever been.