Tuesday, 1 June 2010

What are you scared of?

The lecturer asks us this morning...and of course everybody has to be scared of something right? Well put aside Chuck Norris, but in reality everybody is scared of something. Even if its a flock of cats or a flock of sheep there will be something that gets people creeped. Im personally scared of death (who isnt eh?), old age (again who isnt...), spiders, a random figure(s) at a distance in a really dark night if we're all out, unprovoked violence and heights i suppose.
Probably one of my most epic fears is of course death. Personally for my reasons of me scared of death is because like death is basically the final curtain call, like the end of it all and the scary fact is that we dont have a clue on what the afterlife is going to be like. It could be that same old theory of heaven and hell in which if we lived a life in sin your going to be living in fire for all eternity or if we were goodie super christians, "Saying bloody is swearing!", good for nothing grasses then your going to go to the curly gates...wait a min i mean that if you lived a honest, non sinful life then your granted to the curly gates? I think thats the catch. You know what nah...that just doesnt sound right. Im not christian (nor am i an atheist) so i choose in my own philosophy cause i dont like the occaisional religion brainwashing mm'kay? Anyway philosophy is that we live in anyway we choose, yes you do get the occaisional little demons who do run amuck but i mean just common people who do live a good life, earn a honest living, believed in anything they wanted, chose to do whatever they wanted whilst not being selfish, being somewhat of a "Ledge" to many people and on their deathbed say as their last words "I lived such an amazing life..." When we do die i feel that if your life has felt worth living then your granted to a place a wee bit like heaven...only without the christianess of it, like a constant 24/7 enternity funfest and live in the afterlife in peace and harmony forever really.
Anyway yeah that in spiders...dislike the buggers, arachnophobia isnt good if im being honest.
Live life, you get me.

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