Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The art of blogging...wait the art?

For the past 10 or something years the internet form of a log or journal to what we all know as a "Blog" has slowly gained popularity until today in 2010 it has became an normality in our lives, well to the people who have access to the interwebs so 37.4 million of us its an normality anyway.
The first sightings of a blog came around in the 1990's where it was basically a normal basic diary of users writing in them of what happens in their lives. So instead of getting a normal diary and jotting down "this and that happened" and "Oh jeez, the girl who i would die for just slapped me" users would instead type this in a Weblog and let the whole world see what they were doing...not that someone would be sad enough to log in everyday to see what some average joe done that day. It did catch on of course, people were enjoying this new found phenomenon.
Then after people started to get bored of typing online diaries of themselves, "journos" started to use blogs for their news updates and other journalist jazz and this was somewhat a breath of fresh air for users online, seeing something different other than some geezer write "Woke up, had a bit of toast, gone stabbed myself with a butter knife but im okay now" and now seeing online newspapers in a sense.
But after this users of blogs thought it would be totally wicked to start of their own journalist dreams and blog on their own findings of news and write their own reviews on basically anything to do in the media. By this stage blogging did spread like a virus and more and more users continued to type on and on about constant news and media, eventually ignoring the journalists and gaining followers of their own.
So now to this day what we're seeing now in blogging is now just random jarkin being typed up really. Like of course you still have your diary writers and your independent journalism (some of which are bloody interesting!) but in recent months and years there are now dedicated blogs to all types of topics such as music, fashion, sports, games, technology and even shops having blogs on products and jazz surrounding their own buisness. Its not neccessary sad but at times some of blogs that surround us today are just not needed and are considered a tad pointless with no intellectual merit, however are just interesting to see whats on their blog.
Blogging isnt certainly an art form of course, its just typing into a white box just like writing in a lined bit of paper, but with the thanks of tech blogs are much more interesting on whats on newspapers now due to video uploads, music uploads, flash games, image uploads and pop culture thriving on them. I feel that we all are going through a intriguing phenominon with these blogs as we can easily look through other blogs, fish out other ones that relate to our main interests and have a freedom to write whatever we wish as well as expressing ourselves in the comfort of interwebs.
I like this...


  1. Fantastic. A clear and honest assessment of what a blog is all about , and quite the best thing written in this class all year. Well done!

  2. very good blog did you do research on this?