Tuesday, 18 May 2010


College blogging topic today...eating? Okay then

Anyway yeah eating, we eat practically everyday and is the norm for us really. People like us who really don't take the privilege if eating for granted are lucky (even check that guy with the fatty burger, cor blimey!) mostly the Americans not showing their gratitude really. They have the highest obese rates in the world and yes their highly religious of the Christianity made believe and "PREY GAWD!! and THANK JEBUS!!!" for their constant fatty meals and foods their then creating salad dodgers with fatty appetites who just "Nom Nom Nom" at the nearest McDees for like every brekkie, lunch and dinner...possibly supper too.
Its an epidemic yes but c'mon its their own fault really, infact that word "epidemic" is a key word in this touchy subject of eating. Actually i just find it a tad ridicolous that the yanks are stating their rife obesity rates (which BTW was their own fault by eating constant day in day out) as an epidemic when the real "epidemic" is the rates of people who are not eating enough or not at all (such as Africa etc) good 'o' US of A yeah? Bloody yanks.
But i mean there are some of us are not able to eat enough or just basically cant, which is a really big problem. Its just so sad and mad to see the people who live in continents in Africa starv to death everyday, espeicially kids who havent lived a full rich life to their late ages, and as well as starving to death they have the highest HIV/AIDS rates on top of that too. Its absolutely shocking, like thats all i can say about it, and the yanks just mostly eat for kicks and waste food also. Nah sorry but America being a very well bloody wealthy country and all that jazz, why cant they give nopt just money and medical supplies but just simply...food? Just alot of food? Same with us, we can get into it too...infact every wealthy country going just give food...a cheeky number of fish suppers? KFC's? McDonalds? Chinese? Indian? Sandwhiches? Just any food possible! Shouldnt be so hard should it?
End it now...poverty is not needed

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