Tuesday, 11 May 2010

If i won the lottery...

Now the phrase that we use very often "If i won the lottery..." is said so many times, we say it to see mentally what our lives can be like with all that money in our pockets. But what would you actually do if you won the lottery? Would you splurge it all on booze, cars and woman? Or would you be generous and give it to charities? Even just throwing it away for kicks? Many people throughout here in Britannia and all over the world say many things that they would do with lottery winnings but here's what i would do if i won for example...lets say £99million

1.Putting significant money greatly in Raith Rovers. Raith at the moment are on a steady boat but that boat is rocking severly in the waves of recession and pressure to please fans including myself. I feel as a fellow follower to the Rovers that if we had multi million financial backing it would obviously improve our club alot of course but to build a new lease of life for the club too. A all new seater stadium (without commercial naming rights!) , improvement of training facilities, improvement of the buisness jazz side of the Rovers and more organisation, Just improvement all round and be a more respected side in Scottish football.

2.£5million in charity. Yes its cliche but yeah i would put money in charity but not just that, basically invest greatly on cures and life improving materials. Charities for anyone...not just children who are suffering from cancer and other children suffering with deadly diseases but men and woman everywhere who are suffering (finding the cures)

3. Giving £100,000 each to my family members. Just a lovely gesture really...

4. Money improving Kirkcaldy. Lets face it Kirkcaldy isnt exactly Dundee or Glasgow and in Fife there isnt really a glamourous spot. But i would say £20million improving "Kdy" would put it right on the map. Kirkcaldy is quite well known already but in most cases known for the wrong reasons and Kirkcaldy is actually not a bad town but it just needs alot more contribution in the redevelopment area. We need a major investment in Kirkcaldy and to take that money and spent it on major improvements such as the high street (50 shops today are as of empty down there) the facilites for the youth of Kirkcaldy, leisure for the locals of Kirkcaldy, improve housing in badly run areas like Link Street and demolishing horrible block flats and build modern flats as well as getting rid of those horrible war time council houses and building not "copy and paste" modern houses but unique designs for each housing. Also improving the music scene here...full stop, major improvements needs done in this department and today bands from here are finding it impossible to get discovered. If we spent money in the music scene then there will be better venues for these bands to play in, then gaining more popularity and eventually gaining interest by big music types...well maybe, depends how good they are.

5.The rest on myself. Sorry but i do need some to myself dont i? I would spend it on a big house, fast car, big telly etc etc...just the cliche really.

Yep...thats the plan if that was ever to happen

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