Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Elections are coming, brace yourself!

Here we are again, election year, and we have again the fight of the super trio between the Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives. Each election year its just the same old campaigning and with the same old three head runners but of course different leaders most of the time. In fact 5 years ago last election year i was at a young age and i didnt really have a opinion on politics, i did consider it a boring and in some cases a ranty subject, but as i got older i got more open minded and i did become more interested in politics and now in 2010 when its an election year im watching the news and reading the papers more frequent for not just for the sports but now for the politics. This years election is an intriguing one due for its first ever televised debates which are not enjoyable to watch without any hecklers but them to show off their interect skills in front of our public is quite funny, talking with their hands mostly. This year proves to be the most important due to the recent scandals of expenses which were rife last year when we were facing and living through the worst recession in 30 years. Trust was certainly lost in my eyes, as well as loyalty and heart in politics was gone too and for me when i watch Clegg, Cameron and Brown attempting to convince voters to vote for them all i see is lies and betrayal. The fight for the election sees Labour about to be knocked out by a KO blow for the race due to basically stupid blunders such as Bigotgate and the Tweets scandal, as well as Gordon being not a right leader since being the successor of Tony Blair in 2007. So its basically this fight is now a one on one between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives and they are swinging with blows and hits...well with their own promices which by im sure they wont deliver whovever gets elected.
There is change needed, we need change and the country needs change...but who will deliver that change is the key

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  1. Good common sense to start with but rather ran out of steam in the final analysis.