Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Brit awards 2010...oh very dear

Once again the brits will be on the telly...and its the 30th edition! *shocked epic face*
So basically its going to be the same old glory hunting of music awards but with probibly show their "greatest moments EVURRRR" or something to show their 30th ceremony. As per usual the most brain dead successful acts (just popularity...thats all it counts here) are up for the best brit album, single, male, female etc etc yadda yadda yadda. To be honest i just think that the brit awards is a big lowsy gimmick. As we all saw last year Susan Boyle was the music senation that made quite an impact, her album sales went up the roof, internet hits booming and became a household name. Unfortunately for Susan when we the british public adored her (and most of us still do) she got told that she would not appear on the brit awards, basically by judging on appearance, Even more basic...just not cool enough. Sorry but how the bloody hell is musical talent judged on bloody looks? Its like the brits dont rate talent but just popularity and looks. Its a gimmick for the fact that not only for judging on appearance and popularity but for the some sort of this fascism which values the "Brain dead youth" instead of the real, raw, immense talent that is out there waiting to be acknowledged. Just sickens me that this so called "prestigic acknowledgement of musical *talent*" awards show is just a scam and just used for financial gain. Brits are disgusting...like the british emblem of drunken brits vomiting on the ground, stained on the pavements. you can shove your brits, im not watching.

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