Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Social networking, what would we do without them?

Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Myspace. These are just some of the big name social networking sites that have basically almost took over our lifes and i for one am a guilty corporate. Many folk around the planet are literally hooked by their constant urge to see how many "tweets" they have recieved on twitter or if their status on facebook is liked upteen times and just go for a daily stalk on their ex's profile. To think that 10 years ago we never had no such thing as a facebook or a twitter to sort of "enhance" our social lifes. We did at one point phone up or meet to organise outings and shenanigans, now as the a new decade approaches, 2010 or the 10's whatever its called now! We just login to our facebook, twitter or bebo and simply type in less of a minute some plans and its been like this for what 5 years now? Aswell in the new decade its official, texting on phones is just not enough for us anymore and now social networking sites have blasted their way onto our phones with the ultra cool wi-fi and what have yah, to be quite frank its getting a tad ridicoulous. Why isnt logging into computers enough? Its feels like we need this when in reality we actually dont, let the phones do all the txting and phoning and keep the social networking on the computer. Im a fan of advancing technology but we need some things to be untouched surely? Anyway on that note ladies and gentleman i dont judge, so happy networking, blogging and stalking. Taraa!

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