Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Back in the day...bullying

This week i read the story about our pm Gordon Brown about allegations of bullying, apparently to the staff of Downing street. We all have to remember these are all "allegations" not the exact truth but if the allegations were to be true then I'm sorry there certainly should be a new leader and cabinet, a whole new shake up. Bullying has always been a major issue basically everywhere...in our schools, colleges, workplaces...they always have a policy on bullying but to have rumours of bullying in the government of the highest order is out of the question. We just cant have that going on especially if they are meant to "clean Britain up".
Nevertheless we have charities, hotlines and events to try and tackle bullying out of society but in all honest truth we do have a long way to go. There has been progress don't get me wrong but not much and lets face it you are always going to have that class bully, playground bully...basically the bollock who thinks he's the cool kid and just acts like an absolute plonker by "gaining respect" for beating up the smaller kids. Back in the early days of primary school it was quite tough for me, for obvious reasons with the ginger hair. I was like full on proper, carrot, futures bright futures orange ginger...also the side effects of the pale skin and freckles. I did have it rough but back then like 11 years ago there was not much done at all, i think now there has been a tad more progress done to attempt the tackling of bullying but i don't think its not much. Luckily I'm not a target of the bully's anymore but i do know that bullying still exist and instead of me being the victim I'm more of the person who tries to stop all that crap happening, because life is meant to be enjoyable and for those who try to harass others (ruining their lifes) then they should be stopped.

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