Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Its "officially" spring!!!

Its now official...its spring time! From yesterday spring made a long anticipated return to our lives and yesterday here in Fife there was a slightly better contrast of weather as well as being a bright blue sky. The sun was shining bright yet we did still have that cold breeze but i didnt care, i was just happy that it was March and its starting to get warmer! The sky last night was really immaculate also, full moon, no clouds and bright stars...perfect start for spring.
But i didnt really know that spring started at this month, i always thought it was April, but after research yeah its this month it officially starts. Spring is like the decent season in the year. We get warmer, coldness fades away, bright blue skys, bright sunshine, much lighter at evenings and everybody is happy peoples. Like winter is a bollock...who actually likes winter? Apart from if your birthday is in winter, if your a fan of snow, and christmas ^^. But put them aside and you just get cold, damp, numbness, colds, flu, bugs, darkness...basically winter is just the depressing season, the emo of the year.
Its bloody brilliant spring is here! After a drabb winter (again) we can look forward to the brilliant weather we're going to have in weeks to come.

P.s 28th of March...change the bloody clocks an hour forward...we have to ;)


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