Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Possibly the biggest debate in scotland...youth and booze, christ...

Here in Scotland an old issue has been raging for aages upon ages...no its not independence from the old enemy, nor is it the control of major decisions such as what Westminister manages...such as the extermination of the ASBO chavvy gits (thats a pun, not seriousness) But no the biggest raging yawn upon yawn ranting debate is *drumroll* ALCOHOL!!!
Yes alcohol beats the likes of independence and discussions of getting more power in the debating chambers. Fair play it is an important subject and yes not just Scotland thats discussing about it, basically the whole of Britain is the european union's "town drunk" However saying this the amount of times that the government has tried to tackle this widespread issue and showing little effect is not really a suprise. For so long now some of the youth young as the age of 10 are starting to hit the hard stuff and getting wasted and as a 17 year old myself i do find this extremly tragic and horrifying. To be honest if i was a middle aged parent of a 10 year old i would certainly not let he or she out with their mates who i dont trust (you know like one of those odd, perculiour ones who are bound to get in trouble) and go out at 10 at night getting leathered.
I suppose parents can be the blame for not keeping an eye on their spouces, but saying this its not right to put 'all' the blame on the parents. I mean you have to think of the advertising of alcohol. On the television adverts for alcohol seem to glamorise drinking, like "DRINK ME, IM AWSOME" and the people who are drinking the alcoholic beveridges are enjoying it, smiling and having a thrill of a time. Its like its giving a message that the only way to really enjoy yourself is downing alcohol. As well as adverts, you have the commercialism of it, which is probably the epicenter of this disaster. Cornorshops, bars and clubs, they all do it. 2 for 1, 3 for 1, this was £15.00 now a £Fiver!!! Stuff like that. They bombard the casual cosumer with these bargains and offers of booze and for the greedy shop owners and fat cats of clubs and bars they get filthy stinking rich by the binge drinkers, ravers, the youth and the children buying the poison.
A story two years ago actually made me splatter my morning cup of tea. To read about a primary seven pupil of a Kirkcaldy Primary school (oh god the shame and embarrassment) who mixed alcohal with juice is just ashtonishing and shocking. Mean this is what Judy Hamilton the Labour councillor for Kirkcaldy had to say, "I think it's worrying that she's been able to get hold of this alcohol." Well erm...no s**t, of course its bloody worrying, look around you fool, we are unfortinately a drinking nation where you can go and get booze for as less as £2.something and you ever tried to walk in Cornorshops? Deary me...
In a nutshell this is an disaster, an epidemic where the youth are relying on booze to have a great time where in the great outdoors there is many facilities for the youth to have fun and take part of something they are interested in such as football, music or even just socialising. Alcohol is still going to ranted about in parliament, how this disaster can be resolved...but they dont the realise that while their ranting the kids are drinking away and harming themselves. Something has to be done...unfortinately im obviously not the being to end it but someone out there must have some grant idea of tackling this problem for good...theres just got to be.


  1. Fantastic honest assessment of the situation through 17 year old eyes.
    I like the description of the UK being the town drunk of the European Union,and your anger at the lack of prevention, ignorance of a cure, and active encouragement through advertising of the problem.