Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Lochgelly getting a makeover...about time?

For those who dont have a foggiest what or where Lochgelly is...its a small town in Fife with a estimated population of 6,834 and as most parts of Fife it was a mining town until the industry died away in the 60's...becoming now what we call, a common crudd hole. Lochgelly is not exactly Park Lane, theres that sense of fear when walking around its dyer streets, aswell as this theres a strong minky musk that just makes you want to have a shower after returning back home out of Lochgelly.
Now i havent been through to Lochgelly in a long, long time but the last time i was there all i saw was chavs, chavs, more intimidating chavs, OAPS, ASBOS and chavvy trashy parents. Heck probs the best car that rolls on the streets in Lochgelly would probably be a...Vauxhall Nova?
I would rate Lochgelly as one of the worst towns in Fife (Glenrothes being the other) and if i saw Lochgelly and Glenrothes in a fistfight i would think they would both fall down in a drunken heap.
However, i've heard some news about Lochgelly getting a major...MAJOR makeover by some yank who created "the seaside" in Florida and is going to give the "good o US of A" treatment in Lochgelly...good luck with that Robert Davis *facepalm
In all seriousness im hoping this will bring a excellent outcome, making Lochgelly a prosperous and superiour town in the later years to come. Lochgelly is in extreme desperation for a major facelift and this will be a very long process but with patience, trust, will and determination...the wait will pay off, significantly.


  1. Maye you should move in when they build a house?....You would never stop showering!!

  2. I Agree With You Man The Place Looks Like A Dump Likes lol