Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Jack Vettriano Homecoming

The "Days of Wine and Roses" exhibit came to Kirkcaldy this weekend, the 27th of March, and will be here until the 2nd of May...Wicked! :D. Me and my family being of course admirers to Jack Vettriano's work we headed to the museum to see his new work first hand. His new material is excellent and it was brilliant to see a massive turnout at my local museum & art gallery however saying this, the que was so bloody long! Like almost at the train station entrance, luckily i was fortinate enough to be in line at the library entrance. When the doors opened at 2 the line moved quite rapidly which was not that bad, despite the pouring rain. We went purposly on the Sunday for the appearance of Jack himself doing a book signing but when approaching the entrance we were told that he suffered from a migraine and unfortinately he could not attend his own shingdig. I have to say honestly i was gutted that i couldnt see one of my influences at the exhibition, that was mostly why i went, but migraines are a bitch, i have suffered from a couple in my lifetime so far and they hurt so bad so i would of definately done the same and just try and recover at home. However with his absence the exhibition was still amazing, i had a great time just pondering and admiring his work. I was also thrilled that the exhibition came here to Kirkcaldy first and not London, i mean what pride to have it here first, this just shows that Jack has not forgotten his roots despite his huge success, and for that i say thanks to him, to a fellow Langtorian to an other. Overall...just excellent to have here in Kirkcaldy.


  1. Good Blog Calum, Keep up the good work :)

  2. do i hint a bit of alan patridge in that blog lol ..good stuff mate

  3. Great blog, shame you didn't see him!